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What is Switchshot?

Switchshot is a Discord bot that is designed to make accessing your Switch screenshots and recordings easier.

No more fiddling with SD cards - simply sign up, then tweet from your console. Within a few seconds, your tweet will be deleted and you'll find your screenshots in a DM, ready to share.

Get Started

Join the Switchshot support server, open a direct message with the bot (Switchshot#8680) and send the word login. Follow the instructions provided to link your account.

Next, tweet from your console, including the tag $swsht somewhere in the tweet body. You can have up to four screenshots, or one video, in your tweet.

In about ten seconds, you'll receive a DM containing your screenshots, and your tweet will be deleted so your timeline doesn't get cluttered. It's that simple!

An example conversation with the Switchshot bot

Frequently Asked Questions

I tweeted, but I never got a DM!

Send the word troubleshoot to the bot via DMs. If your message doesn't send, make sure you share at least one server with the bot that has server direct messages enabled.

Does it work with PS4 / Xbox One / other platforms?

As long as you can tweet from the console, yes. Only the Nintendo Switch has been fully tested, however.

Why do you need all this access to my Twitter account?

Switchshot asks for account access to verify that you own the account, and to delete the tweets containing your screenshots. Unfortunately, Twitter doesn't allow us to do this without requesting full read-write permissions. We won't ever do anything with your account without your explicit consent, and you can revoke permission at any time.

How do I unregister?

Send the word stop to the bot via DMs. When you do this, the bot will immediately revoke any access it had to your Twitter account, and won't respond to any new tweets. You can always sign up again if you want.

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